Thursday, September 6, 2012


DAY 1:

Justin and I made it safely to the Philippines! Just showered and unpacked a little bit .. First meal here was JOLLIBEE'S wooo haha! On the plane, the first meal was either chicken with mashed potatoes or beef (rendang-looking, but didn't smell as good) with rice. Also got steamed vegetables. The flight attendant was nice and put in an order for vegetarian meals for me for the rest of them, even for the next flight. She called the airport or something haha. For breakfast, I had chinese porridge ... LOTS of ginger! ): And some soy sauce-drenched tofu (or something like that). Then we got another breakfast on the second flight from Taipei to Manilla, which was tofu with some sauce (looked like when my mom makes claypot) and rice with green beans! Perfect for me!!

When we arrived, Mr. Nubla picked us up and we first went up the mountain to see a view of the whole area. It was very nice and lush up there, and it was great to see the same view of which I've seen loads of pictures already!

Later today we're going to see the Rizal shrine, I believe. Or maybe some other local places. Don't know if that will happen because we're so tired already, but have to find something to do to pass the time! If I sleep now, I won't be able to at night haha. Sleeping on the plane was pretty bad because we were in the back of the plane with a large space behind us. Although it was roomier, people kept congregating behind us when they were tired of sitting (butt hurting). And there were these loud people shouting at each other the whole time across the row hahaha.

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and thoughts! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we go through the week so that we can come home safely!

DAY 2:

So we didn't end up going anywhere else the first night. I guess because of that, Justin and I had a really hard time staying awake and we ended up going to bed before 9 or something. This trip was the first time I retained my jet lag for a long time .. My mom would never let us get jet lagged :P So now I'm like her and really just dislike taking the slow route to adjusting!

This day, we went to Antipolo with Justin's dad (it's where he works). They had a wonderful space there, and it was a bit higher on a hill and covered with trees, so not as hot. Although Justin's dad managed the restaurant there, the whole area was a sort of corporate retreat space. Really cool. They had a nice walking trail, complete with their own set of gorgeous birds! They even had macaws! My favorite! ♥ And we also ate some super yummy food. I got to try their smoked bangus breakfast and a fruity shake.

Afterwards, we went to the mall, where Justin and I had our first meal alone. We didn't do much shopping that day, sadly .. But we did have a cute little lunch and got some macarons! After that, the lights started to go out in the mall! They said it's not a usual occurence, so I felt really special, haha!

From there, we went to a compound where lots of other Nublas lived, woo! I even recognized Auntie Nikki, who I met over here in the states during the Nubla 2010 reunion :D We also had some super yummy pizza and MOJOS at the nearby Shakey's! All in all a great day!