Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Holiday Operation!

Fill out the form below, please! I do still have all your answers and addresses from last year, but I like to do this every year in case favorites/likes/dislikes change (I know mine do all the time)! You can email me at ^^ I will at least send cards and some small things to everyone this holiday season :) I'd love to get a card back from you! I keep ALL my cards and letters from everyone! Take your time answering the questionnaire! And don't worry about long responses to questions - those are the best because of range of options! And, yes, I do realize I have a very specific Disney question thrown in there. If you haven't heard yet, I work at The Disney Store now, haha! Looking forward to hearing from you ♡ 

The questionnaire:
1. Full name and address 
2. Favorite colors (and any dislikes)
3. Favorite animals and "characters" (such as Hello Kitty, Stitch, Twilight Sparkle, etc.) (and any dislikes)
4. Any favorite Disney movies or characters?
5. Other things you like 
(mention other movies or series you watch, other things you like receiving, etc.)
6. Things you definitely do not want/like/will not have a use for
7. Do you have an online wishlist anywhere? (Amazon, Wishpot, etc.)
8. General hobby-related wishes ("LTF clothes," for example)

My answers are below to serve as examples! I tried to be as thorough as possible. The more answers you give me for each question, the better! :) Thanks, everyone!

Favorite colors
Pink! Also mint, teal, red, light blue, and any pastels! (Not huge on purple or orange, but I do like all colors!)

Favorite animals and "characters"
Animals: GIRAFFES, penguins, puppies (corgis, German shepherds, labs, huskies, shiba inu), pandas, llamas/alpacas, octopus, tigers, unicorns (are those animals? yes, I guess so), jellyfish & squid, deer, dragons, foxes, pigs. Squirrels and tiny dogs scare me in real life haha!
Characters: Korilakkuma, Iiwaken Shiba Inu, Chopper, Zoro and Nami (One Piece), minions, Eevee, Charmander/Charizard, Vaporeon, Gengar, Scraggy, Stellina and Donutella (Tokidoki), Ryo and Rowen (Ronin Warriors), Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie (MLP), Midna (LoZ: Twilight Princess), Zuko (A:TLA), Yamamoto Takeshi and Hibari Kyouya (KHR)

Any favorite Disney movies or characters?
Movies: Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Nightmare Before Christmas, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King, Tangled, Lilo and Stitch, Cars & Cars 2, Pocahontas, Hercu
Characters: Ariel, Olaf, Donald Duck, Jack Skellington, Aladdin, Rapunzel & Pascal, Perry the Platypus, Belle, Meeko, Tigger, Hamish cubs, Stitch and Angel, Peter Pan, Merida

Other things you like
Socks, anything Disney, One Piece, earrings, lip balm, stickers, tea, stamps & ink pads, small figures (blind bags! :3), notepads, deco tape, princesses, bows, tokidoki, pirates, mermaids, glitter, stars, hearts, fairytales, Pokemon, carnivals, weddings, anything handmade (cards, knits, fanart of my characters, etc.), scarves, floral prints, hair clips/pins, gift cards!

Things you definitely do not want/like/will not have a use for
Soaps and scented lotions because I'm allergic to them! :x

Do you have an online wishlist anywhere?
I have one on Amazon and, HT, etc.

General hobby-related wishes
Minifee basic clothing items (plain tanks, tshirts), gift cards to Denver Doll, shoes that fit the tiny moe-line feetsies!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arrival - High Priestess Yuuki

I got an email notification from Denver Doll earlier this week, and it showed that Miyu would be here by Thursday, woo! But then a problem came to mind - I do Kids Club on Thursday afternoons! What if the truck decided to come by while I was out?! I had opted for signature delivery because I don't trust my neighborhood anymore. But, I also really dislike UPS, and whenever I'd missed a package from them, it had been a horrible experience. Anyways, I found that I could ask them to hold it for me there, and I picked it up first thing this morning! 

What caught my eye immediately is this gorgeous illustration of Celine ;A; I can't wait to get her next! Haha, because I have SO much money lying around. I opened up the box and saw Miyu and my heart melted! She is so adorable! :) 

DSC_1691 copy DSC_1694 copy

Had to rush downstairs really quickly to pry her eyes out of Sophie (my Minifee Dark Elf Soo), haha! Just adore these eyes, but not sure if she is going to be using them continuously or just when she's in her full out priestess mode. (Think Avatar state from A:TLA.)

DSC_1696 copy

She is the first Minifee I have gotten to stand on her own! The M-line body is a dream come true for me. It poses so well! I need to take more dynamic shots when I have the time, but for now, I'm really just so happy that she can stand on her own, lol! 

DSC_1703 copy

There was one teeny tiny problem I came across for now - the WINGS I got for her have magnets already installed. Her body also already has magnets in the shoulders ... Can you see where this is going? They were not compatible :( So I'm going to have to somehow take the magnets out of the wings and replace them the correct way so she can actually wear them! Some more glamour shots below - (She is way beautiful!!)

DSC_1705 copy

DSC_1711 copy

And some silly outtakes! Loki was next to me the whole time I was opening the boxes, hehe! He's no cat, so he was totally in our business! 

DSC_1708 copy DSC_1717 copy

These are NOT the best pictures - they're all grainy and such! But I was just so excited that I didn't care how overcast it was :'P