Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick list/shortcut of sorts

Of lovely Flickr peoplesss. No particular order, just the way I saw them in contacts! Sometimes I miss updates from people who may post only one photo a week or less. So this is an easy way for me to remember to check on someone's stream ^__^
Maggi/Kawaii Kandy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bye, Chou-chou!

Today, Chou2 was taken back by his previous owner .. it's so weird. The father of that family was SO stubborn. I don't think I have ever met another person more stubborn than him. He was so adamant about taking him home - turns out he already planned it so that the family would come here on the day that they're going back to Oregon (they stayed in the area with another fam). Turns out he already knew he was going to take him back, but nothing was said to us until this morning when he arrived. The rest of his family + his sister already told him NO, but he insisted that he would take care of Chou2. They kept telling him how much happier he was here because we play with him and give him veggies (his fave!) and all that. When he used to stay at their house, he stayed in the sun/snow all day long with no one to talk to him or play with him. But this man still insisted. And when the kids (15 and 9?) suggested a vote, he said "I will make the decision." UGH, please. His wife asked him "Is this the best for Chou-chou or for YOU?" Which is so true. He didn't want to take my new leash for Chou2. He said that his old leash was perfect. Except that it really isn't - the string is worn down and it's one of those that retracts, but it's so old that it doesn't do that anymore ... Awk. And then when he put him in the cage in the car - I noticed the leash was still on. I told him it would get tangled, and he told me to leave it alone. When I checked, SURE ENOUGH, it was already wrapped all around him. Who does that? UGH. I'm not the best dog owner in the world, nor am I an expert, but really? I hope Chou2 is taken care of. The guy says he'll build him a "house," AKA put up a plastic sheet so he doesn't get rained on outside ... /: Anyways. I just wish for the best for Chou2. If it doesn't work out, I'm sure we'll get a call from his wife since no one else wants him there. And if it does, then cool.

I'm really mostly upset by the way he spoke to us and his family. He was so selfish and stubborn about everything! I was really ready to just shout at him that I had to go out of the room to calm down :\ I wish he had handled it better. And knowing that his kids and wife did not approve, he was just thinking about himself .. ugh. So yes. Weird start to the first day of this new year ..

Bye Chou-chou! We never really hit it off, you and I, but you're gone today and it feels weird. I guess I will miss you a bit. I hope your new owners take care of you as they promised they would. See you later!

ETA @ 11 PM - So this really bugged me so much that I got a headache and it got progressively worse until I came home from picking up my brother at the airport. I don't mind that Chou2 is with them - my mom explained that he actually does like Chou2 and said that when he came home before, he would greet Chou2 before the others. That's great that he wanted him back - I guess what happened is that he really didn't WANT to give Chou2 to us in the first place and as soon as he knew that we were okay with letting him go, he started plotting to take him back =___= Really annoying. Anyways. Headache is over, I don't feel like talking about this anymore ): I hope he is happy there .. We all miss him already!

And I also remembered - when we were putting Chou2's leash on his collar, he was confused. He asked, "Why is the tag on his front, not his back?" UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GRAVITY?!?! DUH. He put Chou2 in a harness all the time because he was afraid of getting bitten. SO SAD ): You're not supposed to leave the harness on =________=;; But yeah, that's why he was confused about the collar tags ...