Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I received an early birthday gift from over the pond today from my sweet, sweet friend Neko! 

First of all, look at this AMAZING BOX. LOOK AT THE DUCT TAPE!! AHHHHH!! Too awesome! I almost didn't want to open it! 

And here's what's inside! AHH!! Too many cute things :3 Even the wrapping paper Neko used is super adorable! I almost felt bad opening everything ... but then I was too excited not to do it right away, lol. Look at that Rarity! *squeals* Also as soon as I opened the box, I could smell lavender! :) 

And then I opened THE CARD. IT IS A GIRAFFE. ON A SPARKLY BACKGROUND! I MEAN, just LOOK at it!! D: I am definitely going to be displaying this card on my wall above my desk. For people who don't know yet, giraffes are my favorite animals :) And this card is just fabulous! I still have all my cards and letters from like middle school. I am going to need to make more space for them soon!

Now we come to this cutie pencil case/makeup case! :) I LOVE Little Twin Stars! I can't wait to use it :) It even has snaps in the backside so you can fold it over and keep it that way to have two little pouches! :D Ahaha it's too cute! Where do you find this stuff?! :3 

Yay Hello Kitty stuff :3 I still haven't opened the small memo pad, but I love the cutie design on the front cover already hehe! And!!! Those two little phone charms! D: THEIR EXPRESSIONS CHANGE! I haven't seen these before! But they're sooooo cute! You push the star button on a HK's tummy and it flips the head around for a new expression :) Love them!

Yay Rarity! :D One of my fave ponies! Now she can stay with my Rainbow Dash from Neko, too ^-^ Isn't she just the sweetest? (Neko, I mean haha)

I have a new pretty journal! :D Love the colors and print of this one! Will definitely be using this after the one I'm using now ^^

Okay, next I opened up another wrapped package and THIS was inside!! A super cute strawberry tumbler which I'm going to be using like ALL THE TIME now!! Plus some nice trims and ribbons! :3 Neko finds the cutest things! :D AND THAT CHESHIRE CAT PIN!!! It's going to go with the rest of my Alice in Wonderland pins ^__^ I can't believe she sent this to me ahh!! 

And this is what's behind the Cheshire Cat pin! :) It's sooooo cute! I used to love brown and pink together! It was like MY color pairing! :) The pillow inside, too! Just too cute! Neko, you are so talented, really! I can't even imagine how you made this O__O lol! 

A sticker book was what I opened next! This thing is seriously just FULL of stickers O______O!!!!!!! I don't think I've had a sticker book this big before!! I'm going to be sticking these everywhere .. beware, friends and family :P 

AND THEN THIS!!! THIS THIS THIS! ^^^^^^ This amazing little fox purse! Neko was soooo sneaky asking me about which colors I liked best, hehe!! I still can't believe she got this for me ;3; Neko, you are too sweet, really! I can't wait to wear this! And the Little Twin Stars pouch fits in there, too! So it's perfect! 

This was all such a thoughtful gift! :) I loved every single thing that you sent me! You know me better than a most people hehe! Thank you for always sending me the best gifts! I absolutely love opening your packages from the beautiful wrapping to the handpicked gifts ^__^ I am so, so happy that we are friends! I seriously consider you my best friend, and I'm so glad that we started talking! :) Thank you so, so much for always thinking of me and being such a great friend *hugs*