Saturday, May 18, 2013

Auryealis Giveaway!

Winner: Eileen/ Paillette

I had always wanted to be able to do a giveaway after I started sewing some more. I didn't really *feel it* when I was sewing for Blythe, but I've been able to get some Lati Yellow/Pukifee dresses made :) Since my birthday is this Friday, I thought it would be a great time to do this!

My shopAuryealis by yuhime

Time period: It's now over!

The prizeOne winner will win a Lati Yellow/Pukifee sized dress from my shop! You can pick any of the ones currently listed (and I will be able to create a new dress if nothing suits the winner)!

To enter
1. Just comment here and please leave your Flickr username!
2. Answer this question to qualifiy: Which is your favorite of my dolls and why? You can see all my BJDs in these collections: TiniesYo-SDsMinifees
3. To gain another entry, share one of the above pictures and a link to this post somewhere else (Facebook, Flickr, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc.) and share the link here. Only one extra entry for each person!

BONUS!! This whole week (starting Monday morning until next Sunday night), everything in my shop is 23% off in honor of my 23rd birthday! ^^ That makes dresses only a little over $10 shipped! Just use this coupon code: B23OFF!


  1. Happy Birthday for Friday- I hope you have a great day. Hehe you know I have a particular soft spot for Marin, although the others are pretty cute too but Marin is the girl I think o when I think o you.

  2. Happy birthday! It's so nice of you to give a gift to others on YOUR day! :)
    My favorite would have to be Iolani, she is so cute and sort of smiley, which I absolutely love. :)
    My Flickr username is Lilanie. :)

  3. Happy birthday! You're really nice! :))
    1. My flickr username is: jaiza

    2. My favourite doll from your gallery is Poppy, because she is always smiling!

  4. its so awesome of you to give away things ON YOUR bday D: you are the sweetest Amanda, My flickr user name is ~Mel~ and i Love Lucza, because i adore Vampires and she is the cutest thing ever , i have a Bloody Moon Mystic lea named Lydia , who would adore being friends with your Lucza <3

  5. This is such a lovely giveaway!! HAPPY early birthday wishes to you!! I would have to say Rika (LRRH Miel) is my favorite! Have a beautiful week and a lovely monday! Love to you!]


  6. At Flickr, I am Sweet Collection, your contact.

    I love to take a look at your Minifees , as I do not have any, and yours are so sweet and adorable :) Priestress Yuuki is my fave ♥


  7. Hello ^.^
    1. This is . Paillette . from flickr!

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I hope you will have a wonderful birthday. ♥

    2. Oh this is so hard! I can't decide between two!!
    I love your new panda girl, Pepper is just so cute and I love her little bow. She reminds me of plushies my boyfriend and I share together, he as a panda boy, I have a panda girl with a little bow too!
    And I really love Marin, because I could say her personnality is close to mine. I love to daydream and I live by the sea, growing up daydreaming I was a mermaid haha!
    Also her eyes look so magical and mysterious, and of course she's a Lea. How can I not love a lea?! ^.~

    3. Here is the link to my tumblr post where I shared the link:

    Hugs to you~

    1. Hi, Eileen!! You have won the giveaway! ^__^ Please email me your address along with which dress you would like and I will send it to you as soon as I can! :D Thank you so much for participating!

    2. Oh, my email address is ^^

  8. Sophie is my favorite of yours! i miss seeing her! i remember you were so happy with her when she first came home! I'm kittywolf13. :D

  9. My Flickr username is Cookiedorkie. My favorite doll of yours is Rika. I adore her bright green eyes against her warm faceup and mellow tan. She is absolutely precious.

  10. LPP Tan Kuroo, Zaria. She was the one that made me start collecting Lati yellow. Before her, I had only Blythe.

  11. Happy Birthday Amanda! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!
    I'm Smilga2008 on Flickr.
    I love tiny dolls and Lati Yellows, so my favourite is your Lolani (LY Dragon Aabie).
    I shared a link to this post and a photo on my Facebook: