Friday, March 8, 2013

Aladdin LYs Arrive!

They're here!

After waiting months for them to ship, Lati started sending Aladdin orders in January .. Then I had to wait til MARCH for them to send mine! :( And there are still people waiting for theirs to even ship! Lati's service has gone down A LOT recently. They seem so unorganized these days. Darlene and Brii and other people had told me that it would be worth all this waiting when the dolls finally come home, and they were right ^__^ I think Lati did a great job on these dolls. I hope I can dress them out of character as well, though their stock outfits are so beautiful that I don't know when they'll ever step out of them, hehe!

Gift head (:

I was also one of the first 27 to order, so I got a free head! I was expecting to get a Christmas elf, which would have been okay (since they're free!), but ever since Neko-chan mentioned her unicorn, I was crossing my fingers for a unicorn! Lo and behold - I got H.K. unicorn Ruki *__* Dream come true!! I'm unsure if he/she will be keeping this faceup, but right now, I'm just super excited about those cute ears!

So dashingly adorable! Sweet Cookie x3

Anyways, I'm really happy with this release. They both photograph beautifully, and I've always had trouble with the light tan dolls ^^; Even Aspen, my tinman Lea, doesn't get a lot of playing time because of her irregular skin tone. I guess I'm just a NS-loving girl after all! Both outfits are really nice this time around. Cookie's is just gorgeous! I don't know if I'll ever take it off, hehe!


One last unrelated thing - I hate going on the DoA thread these days. There are so many people who just keep asking the same question that was answered just one page ago. If they could just read, then we could save like 10 pages per thread of repetitive questions! I also find that new members who have started posting on the thread have been very judgmental or harsh about other members' comments recently. Plus all the negative talk about Lati has made me really want to stay away from the thread lest I start feeling the same way about them, too :P I definitely do dislike Lati's business practices, but I still will buy from them after all. I haven't been on there much, even though I used to frequent DoA all the time /: I miss how it used to be - full of beautiful pictures and excitement around new releases!


  1. Yaaaay post :D aww they're so lovely and I'm super happy that you got a unicorn too~!
    Right now I can't sleep so I'm procrastinating getting up with 0 sleep ;-;
    Cookie's outfit is just so pretty and intricate <3333 I love that so much about the outfits that come with releases, like lea's little choker and the heart awwn !!
    aah I noticed Doa but I thought it was just due to people moving over to Lati dolls and it can be hard to adjust sometimes, especially if they've never had to wait for a doll before, that said I've actually left o.o for the most part lol!
    SMILE! today :] <3

    1. :3 Thank you so much, Neko-chan! We're so lucky! Everyone else got Christmas elfs as far as I know ^^!! Cookie's outfit is probably my favorite outfit (that I actually bought) from Lati! :D

      I know Choco had received some negative comments a while ago about her speaking out on Lati's shipping issue. I think that information was very useful and I'm glad whenever people publish info on different companies for those of us who wouldn't otherwise have known!


    2. Awah ! I didn't see your reply lol!.. we truly are lucky ! Somebody got a vampire tooo! luckybug:D I wonder if anyone will get a vampire cookie *-*hnmm<333
      &yeah I didn't see any of the negative comments but I noticed she seemed uncomfortable.. made me kinda mad >____<! I think it's super helpful too when people tell things good or bad about lati because we do need to know what's going on with them sometimes, they're so up and down lol! so I'm always glad when people share their stories with us on the thread.. idk why it'd really be a problem? since it's a discussion thread O_o

    3. Why am I not getting email notifications for comments/replies X__x;; Yeah, I think it's great when people are honest and let us know right away when there are problems! :)