Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I met a new girl & I'm in love!

I admit that I splurged a while back when I pre-ordered both Slow Nimes and Francoise Ananana-whatever her name is. I was feeling horrible that night, and I guess I'm one of those suckers for retail therapy :P Except mine involves the interwebs + paypal. Two creations that I think I would be so much better without haha (not really!!!). When I explored the threads on BK and posts on Flickr, I discovered that there wasn't so much love for Slow Nimes.

Honestly what drew me to her was her outfit, which was such a nice-looking stock outfit for Blythe (no offense, Takara, but you guys need some more stylists!). But seeing all the negative comments about her face, I felt like I'd made a mistake in pre-ordering her just then x_x;

But then she arrived yesterday after a grueling two-week wait. And honestly, I couldn't be happier with her!
Slow Nimes is here!
I grabbed the box as soon as the mail person left it just because .. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to get a package, right? I was waiting for my Francoise (still am!) and had expected her to arrive first because of the shipping methods they were sent by. But when I saw the box had come from Otacute, I was a bit disappointed at first .. Until I decided to open her shipper box and saw that face through the plastic window!
289/366: I decided to unbox her. She's so beautiful! But her hair is sooooo greasy!
Long story short, I had expected to try to sell her but then thought to myself, "No one even likes her! Who would buy her?!?" I'm glad I had a moment of naughtiness and opened her box, because I haven't been this excited about a dolly's arrival in sooooooo long! :D 

291/366: Olivia

She now goes by Olivia. Don't you think she looks like an Olivia? lol :P She has also inspired me to attempt sewing again. I made her a skirt just now! But .. more on that later. I definitely will NOT be showing off my attempts at creating doll clothes for a long time until I get it down lol! 

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