Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More arrivals!

All these photos are up on Flickr, but I wanted to have them all together here as well xD As you can see, I got my Wizard of Oz order from Lati finally! Well, I really can't complain. They came earlier than I had expected! I went to pick them up from the post office on Tuesday morning and had to bear with leaving them in the trunk for 10 hours before getting to play with them because of my classes xD

I'm really happy with this release! All the girls I've seen on Flickr are really beautiful as well! I haven't examined their bodies closely, but no complaints so far :D I got a gray skin tinman Lea and with Lami! I couldn't resist those elf ears!

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DSC_8186 copy


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I think I've got their names as well. My Lami is named Circe. I love that name and I've seen it a couple times when looking for good witch names :P And my Lea is named Aspen for the tree that has heart-shaped leaves. I was trying to find a metal-related name for her, but then thought about the tinman's character. Although he didn't have a heart by the time he reconstructed his body from metals, he was still always the most compassionate and considerate of the group. So I started looking for heart-related names and found Aspen :D It works perfectly because the tinman was also a woodsman! I'm soooo cleverrr hahah! 


  1. Congrats on your new Oz babies!! I love Lami, I think they did a wonderful job with her and I am officially stalking Aspen. She's just amazing. <3