Saturday, November 24, 2012

That time of the year when ..

I start getting busy in life off the computer and I have no idea what all my online friends are up to x_x! I find that when my parents are off work for long vacations (anything over 2 days constitutes as long for them lol), they end up doing crazy projects around the house. For example, over the summer, we re-did almost our whole backyard/garden area. And that was a LOT of hard work x_x I should post a picture of my backyard sometime, it's crazyyy. This week, we repainted the kitchen, did some touch ups here and there, cleaned our fume hood x_x Oh, did I mention I adopted another dog last weekend? :P It's been crazy!


Around this time, I also start feeling like I can't do anything. Yay for SAD! I'm feeling overwhelmed already with having to meet up with old friends, making Christmas presents, cleaning the house/my room, etc.! The most productive thing I did all weekend was make iced sugar cookies. I mean, they don't look amazing, but at least I've got a recipe down for both cookie and icing. If only I could find my Christmas cookie cutters .. I have ALL the other 60+ cutters - just not my Christmas ones! They must be in their own box somewhere else!

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