Tuesday, November 13, 2012

typing away in class ..


I had a crazy mail day Friday of last week, and I'm guessing I'm getting more stuff in the mail todayyyy! Scylla - my new factory Blythe pictured above - was among the new arrivals. She's going to be my sea monster (I mean, her name probably gives it away lol).

I started to sew more this past month after Justin started going out more and more. I feel like it's really different between us now, and my sadness has made me lazy to do things online. He joined a club and the dance crew within that club, plus he has his senior project to work on. He doesn't need to study - he's just one of those smart people =__=; So he goes out 4 times a week and sometimes he leaves at 6PM and doesn't come back at 2AM. So I've been lonely. My closest friends live 40+ minutes away from me so I can't really just hang out with them. That's what sucks about being a commuter student, I guess? Anyways, this should explain my absence from Flickr.

Oh yeah - I started that paragraph saying I started to sew lol. I finally figured out my sewing machine for good. So hopefully after I draft a few patterns, I'll get something going. I can't afford Blythe fashion. I won't buy something more than $15 for myself .. why would I buy a dress that can fit in the palm of my hand for more? ^___^;; So I'll be making attempts at making doll clothes myself. Will also start working on Christmas gifts. I'm thinking about making some hand/pocket warmers? (: Now I just need to find cherry pits!

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