Sunday, December 30, 2012

Global Winter Wonderland!

Global Winter Wonderland (+2)

Went to Global Winter Wonderland with my parents last night. It was freezing, but with groupon, we got tickets for $9 each :D Sadly, my brother's in St. Louis right now so he couldn't make it T__T;; Maybe next weekend. It was pretty cool to see all the pretty lanterns!

DSC_8701 copyDSC_8776 copy

The weird thing about the event was that it had so much Chinese themes to it O_O Some of the lanterns hung on trees were the traditional red Chinese lanterns (these were over dinosaurs, mind you!) and gourds ... GOURDS?!?! And the main headliner was the Peking Opera featuring the story of the Monkey King. Hehe. 

But look at these cute panda lanterns :DD Of course I took pics with them being named Amanda and all .. Sadly I didn't like any of the pictures that had ME in them LOOOOOL.

The one thing I told myself I had to get was a funnel cake *pictured above. It was yummy for the first 3-4 bites, then it got really gross really quickly x__x;; lol. They also had lots of food from around the world in the food court, including Greek food and Indian, mmmm ((: I got chicken masala garlic fries. YUMMM! Anyways! It was a pretty cool Christmas-y park (: I'd love to go again next year if they change up their lanterns again!

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