Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sewing Progress!

One more post for tonight (: Mom and Dad got me a gorgeous computerized Brother sewing machine for Christmas, so naturally I've been working on sewing! I started with Blythe rather than Lati Yellow because of the size factor. My hands cramped up so easily at the beginning!

This one was my second attempt - I made it specifically for Scylla, who's supposed to be my sea monster (will be transformed later on by the fabulous Obvious Zebra once she's clear ^^). I think I'm gonna try to keep doing the cool patterns on the hem of these dresses since IDK when else I'm going to use them?? Makes it a bit different, too, even though you don't see it right away. The small details are fun sometimes!
DSC_8680 copy 361/366: Second Attempt!

An attempt with buttons:

And here are all my girls wearing their new Auryealis couture ^__^

They always stay right next to me on my desk and keep me company while I'm studying. I'm going to have to find another place to store all my sewing materials, fabric, and the machine when school starts. Right now, my desk is covered in fabric scraps, thread, etc. x__x; 

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